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In Aosta Valley, during most seasons there are some days that are ideal for a pleasant walk : in Spring, with the reawakening of nature, in splendid contrast with portions of landscape that are still covered by snow; in Summer, the best period for excursions at a high altitude, thanks to the long days with generally good and stable weather; in Autumn, for an unusual variety of surrounding colours.

Some itineraries are pleasant and easy walks, others are longer and more tiring. Whether you go on a walk lasting just a couple of hours or a whole day, the reward is being able to calmly reach extraordinarily beautiful untouched places while appreciating the different colours of the route, where tiredness disappears when faced with the charm of the scenery.

The walks proposed are not particularly difficult, however, given that they are mountain trails, it is important to assess your own physical preparation, the suitability of your equipment and the weather conditions.

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Tourist Areas

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