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Find here the farms that can be visited in Valle d'Aosta - production of wine (but also of beer or liqueurs), cured meats, cheeses and other products:

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Other products  -  Aosta

Founded in 1981 in Gressan, Agrival became since the very beginning famous for making Aosta Valley’s traditional products with Aosta Valley’s typical apple variety.
In 2015 chef Luca Berolatt…

Institut Agricole Régional

Wine  -  Aosta

Over the years, the Institut Agricole Régional has taken every opportunity to innovate and improve its educational offer. In 1993 a legally recognized five-year professional course of study wa…

Les Petits Riens Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

Les Petits Riens farm, with its vineyards, occupies a small corner of the panoramic hill of Aosta, at an altitude between 600 and 800 meters above sea level.
Thanks to the perfect souther…

Le Vieux Joseph Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

In Ilaria’s family no one can explain how she chose to work the vineyards. There are no farmers among her ancestors and she has always studied the classics. But it was precisely the obstinacy whic…


Maison Agricole D&D Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

Maison Agricole D&D is a small farm founded in 2002 with the aim of maintaining the family’s land and recovering abandoned plots on the hill of Aosta. The family-run company has taken up the wor…

Ottin Elio Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

The Ottin winery was founded in the early nineties from the passion of a young farmer for wine and for his land. A passion that comes from afar, inherited from the family, mountain winemakers fo…

Tanteun and Marietta Winery

Wine  -  Aosta

The winery was born out of the dream of bringing the noises, smells and emotions deriving from the transformation of an agricultural production back to the centre of the city of Aosta, within th…

Arnad Le Vieux - Cured meat factory

Cured meats  -  Arnad

The Salumificio Arnad Le Vieux (cured meat factory) was established in the 90’s in the characteristic village of Arnad. In 2007, it was awarded I.F.S. (International Featured Standards) certification…

Maison Bertolin - Cured meat factory

Cured meats  -  Arnad

The Salumificio Maison Bertolin (cured meat factory) boasts a legacy almost sixty years old; in fact, Guido Bertolin established the first slaughterhouse in Arnad in 1957. Over the years, hi…

"Cooperativa La Kiuva" Wine Cooperative

Wine  -  Arnad

The cooperative currently includes 50 granting members for a total of 1000 quintals of grapes.
Production is about 90.000 bottles/year. Management is totally entrusted to the cooperative, from the…

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