Mont Avic natural park

A nature park of oustanding beauty

The Mont Avic natural park was established in 1989 to preserve the resources ofthe high valley of Torrente Chalamy (Champdepraz); in 2003, a part of the great valley of Dondena was also included in the protected area, reaching up as far as the mountain ridges of the Val Soana and the Valle di Cogne.

The Park stretches over 5,747 hectares and borders on the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso and has been declared a Site of Community Importance and a Special Protection Zone.

The  Mont Avic natural park has a number of extremely picturesque landscape features and settings that have only been marginally modified by humankind. On the slopes of Champdepraz,the harsh mountainous environement has limited farming and sheep-rearing and slowed mass tourism; the forests of Val Chalamy, ravaged over the last centuries by mining activity, have for the most part regained their original characteristics and today offer visitors some views of rare and spectacular beauty; the mountain landscapes in the high valley of Champorcher are more gentle with vast meadows that are home to steinbocks, chamois and marmots.

Inside this area, you can also enjoy some interesting natural features, such as: harsh geological formations and characteristics, rare, local Alpine flowers, plant groupings on the green stone substratum, the largest regional forest of uncinate pines, a vast number of lakes marshlands and peat bogs and the most common Alpine animals,as well as an enormous variety of insects.

You can reach the site along the A5, coming off at Verrès and taking the SS26 towards Aosta - then the Strada Regionale n°6, via Fabbrica, as far as Champdepraz - and the local road to Chevrère. Alternatively: take the A5 and come off at Pont Saint Martin - SS26 towards Aosta - Strada Regionale n°2 from Hône to Champorcher and when you come to Chardonney you see the start of Alta Via n. 2. itinerary.

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