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Aosta   -   13 April / 22 September 2019 Exhibitions

Animals by Steve McCurry

Aosta   -   4 May / 6 October 2019 Exhibitions

The animals are the protagonists of 60 shots, by the famous American photographer McCurry, who tell stories of everyday life connecting animals to humans. A choral fresco that emphasizes the richness…

Plaisirs de culture

14 / 22 September 2019 Culture

Series of projects designed to promote and enhance the cultural heritage and traditions of the region.

During the whole period, tickets to exhibitions, castles and cultural sites are free o…

Bataille des Chèvres (Goat fight) in Brusson

Brusson   -   21 September 2019 Batailles de reines et de tchevre

The first edition of this unusual “bataille” was held in 1981, the year when some young breeders, true goat lovers, an animal which is actually quite combative, decided after their autumn descen…

Bataille de reines

Pontey   -   22 September 2019 Batailles de reines et de tchevre

“Concours Batailles de Reines” elimination phase
9:00 am weighing of the Reines
12:30 pm fights begin

Grape Festival

Chambave   -   25 September / 4 October 2019 Wine and gourmet festivals

In this village halfway up the valley, they have been making wine for many centuries, including their famous moscato wine mentioned in certain 14th century documents. It is worth mentioning th…

Star Party

Nus   -   27 / 29 September 2019 Entertainment and shows

During the three days of the Star Party (the oldest of its kind in Italy), people can enjoy free star-gazing in total darkness in the Piazzetta di Lignan.

Edileco Run24 - Relay race

Aosta   -   28 / 29 September 2019 Sport

24-hour relay race on a course of about 3 km

Devétéya é Féra de Cogne - Cows parade and fair

Cogne   -   28 / 29 September 2019 Traditional celebrations and processions

The “Devétéya” is the return of the herds down from their summer pastures to the valley. The cows parade through the streets of the villaged, decorated with flowers.
The Fair of Cogne is…

La Dézarpa (cows parade)

Valtournenche   -   28 September 2019 Traditional celebrations and processions

Just like a curtain falls on the scene, the Dézarpa ideally closes the summer season in Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche at the end of September; it is a custom that celebrates the return in the valle…

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