Pontboset is made up of many small villages scattered along the middle Champorcher valley. It is crossed by the impetuous Ayasse stream, which over thousands of years has carved out deep and wild gorges, creating very suggestive views. The confluence with two other side streams, the Brenve and the Manda, made it necessary to build numerous bridges, which gave the name of the locality and that characterize its territory in a particular way.

The Parish Church of San Grato: it is located at the entrance to Pontboset. Inside of it you can admire the altar and the frescoes.
The Retempio Sanctuary: it is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Visitation and to Saint Roch. Reachable in about two hours walking, it can be visited during the processions that take place there in the summer.

Due to its morphological characteristics and the purity of its waters, Pontboset is a renowned area for brown trout fishing; you can practice the activity of kayaking along the Ayasse stream and of canyoning in the waters of the Brenve stream.
In Pontboset you can find a stretch of the path of the ravines: after a short walk you can reach the Ratus ravine, which can be observed in the lower part, starting from Frontières, or in the upper part, following the signs from the centre of Pontboset.
More demanding hikes allow you to reach the Retempio Sanctuary, which offers a spectacular view of the Monte Rosa chain and of the Matterhorn, or the recently renovated village of Crest, a stage of the Alta Via 2.
In the hamlet called Terrisse, free climbing enthusiasts can enjoy an interesting climbing wall.

Processions to the Retempio Sanctuary: they take place on 2nd July, the day of the celebration of Our Lady of the Visitation, and on 16th August, on the occasion of the feast of Saint Roch. People leave in the early morning from the parish church to reach the sanctuary in procession.
Pontboset d'antan: a travelling dinner with local specialities in the village of Pontboset, themed talks and an evening of dancing. During the event you will also be able to discover the trades and traditions of yesteryear.

The walk of the six bridges is a not too demanding route that crosses the village’s three streams in several points, thus creating the need to cross six bridges. The itinerary starts from the centre of Pontboset and then returns to the same point.

Altitude: 780 m
Inhabitants: 170
How to get there by public transport: to reach Pontboset, you have to take the bus “Pont-Saint-Martin – Aosta” or the shuttle “Circolare Carema-Montjovet” to Hône, and then the bus “Champorcher - Verrès - Pont-Saint-Martin” (timetables available on the VITA Group website - the bus to Champorcher seldom starts straight from Pont-Saint-Martin).


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