Town Hall Conference Room


Located in the square under Saint Vincent’s town hall, the Palais Saint-Vincent is a large, white geodesic structure, with a capacity of 1,600 people (1,300 seated).

Built by a vastly-experienced large company whose previous works include other prestigious tensile structures (Palafenice in Venice, Palastampa and Palaregio in Torino), the Palais Saint-Vincent is extremely versatile and can host many different types of events (movie screenings, theatre shows, ballroom dance evenings, concerts, sporting and televised events, meetings and banquets, conventions, snooker championships and chess tournaments etc.).
For each of these events, the Palais is able to provide for all logistical and functional needs and to procure fixtures and furnishings to suit different demands, whilst also ensuring the most rigorous security measures are in place.

Moreover the Palais has a control room equipped with state-of-the-art technology: computers, audio and video mixers, a video-cinema projection system, audio in Dolby® Digital Surround EX™and a large retractable projection screen (20 metres wide by 8.5 metres high) that allows for an excellent screening of any film.

The nearby multi-storey car parks also ensure that there is a sufficient number of parking places in a matter of minutes.

Palais Saint-Vincent in figures:

  • Furnished room for large shows and events: 1,600 places of which 432 seated in the gallery.
  • Furnished room for film screenings, theatre shows and conventions: 1,300 seats.
  • Furnished room for ballroom dance evenings with orchestra: 432 seats in the gallery and 372 table seats.
  • Furnished room for ballroom dance evenings with orchestra: 1,000 seats with the ballroom floor.
  • Room with “banquet” furnishings, approximately 450 seats.
  • 50 Kw electrical supply
  • DLP Cinema 4K Projector for cinema and video projection
  • Audio Dolby® Digital Surround EX™ 7.1
  • Retractable projector screen 20×8.5 m


Centro Congressi Comunale
Via Martiri della Libertà
  • Telephone:
    0166 525110

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