Féhta dou lar d'Arnad

Experience a unique flavour amidst tradition and colours

In the last week of August, the town of Arnad celebrates the Féhta dou lar” , a tradition that has been ongoing for thirty years and attracts thousands of tourists. The "Lard Festival", is the perfect opportunity to taste the famous “Valle d’Aosta Arnad DOP lard”, together with traditional dishes that go well with it.

The festival is held in Keya, in a clearing that houses small wooden chalets, decorated for the occasion  with flowers and embroidered hemp cloth. An inviting scene but above all mouthwatering, where lard, the centre piece on Valle d'Aosta tables, can show off the best of its organolectic characteristics.

The pleasant taste of this cured meat reminds us of the herbs used to prepare it: each slice is white when cut, with apossible layer of meat and aslightly pink centre. Its production process, refined over the years and handed down from one generation to another, contributes to giving the product its unique characteristics.

During the festival, local producers offer visitors not only a taste of their precious lard, but also other local products like wine, cheese and cakes. For some years now, tasting events have been held that allow visitors to learn more about the products and appreciate the taste better when combined with other complimentary products.


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