Stella Alpina


  • Cocina:
    • Cocina casera
    • Valdostana
  • Horario:
    11:00 - 15:00
    19:00 - 22:00

    Día de cierre: Miércoles.
    Cerrado el mes de mayo.

  • Periodo apertura:
    del 01/01 hasta el 30/04
  • Periodo apertura:
    del 01/06 hasta el 31/12
  • Dirección:
    Località Evette, 42/a
  • Teléfono:
    (+39) 0166 92732
    (+39) 347 4231899
  • E-mail:

During Covid period: the service is carried out at lunch with reservations required by 10.00 am and at dinner with reservations required by 4.00 pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

During regular opening periods, it takes place for both lunch and dinner, always by reservation. A take-away service is available upon reservation.

The Stella Alpina Restaurant Bar is located *on the regional road 46, just after the center of Valtournenche and near the entrance to the road leading to Champlève and the Cheneil basin. It is a typical Aosta Valley family-run restaurant, intimate and welcoming. The Herin family offers you traditional dishes and not only. All accompanied by excellent local wines.


Pappardelle con ragú de jabalí
Sopa Valpellinentze
Filete del Valle de Aosta
Filete Génépy
Polenta con juego

Etiquetas vinos

Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Torrette
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Torrette Superieur
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Pinot Noir
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Petit Rouge
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Anciens Cépages
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Müller-Thurgau
Cave des onzes Communes (VDA) – Blanc Perdrix
Donnas (VdA) – Donnas

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