Situated at an altitude of 536 meters, the territory of the municipality of Quart is very wide and scattered in many hamlets, connected by a road that leads over 1.500 meters above sea level.
The name Quart, of Roman origin, is due to a milestone that indicates the distance of 4 miles from Aosta.
The agricolture is very important for the village, favoured by the particularly sunny position. Especially the viticulture finds here a flourishing production of high quality wines.
It is interesting to point out that the name Fontina, given to the famous cheese, it could be traced back to the name of a mountain pasture - Alpe Fontin - located in this municipality, where the cheese making activity is still flourishing.

● The majestic Villair Castle, underwent several transformations in different periods. The oldest part was built in 1185 for defensive purposes by Jacques de la Porte de Saint Ours, founder of the Lordship of Quart.
● The Neolithic necropolis in Vollein, on the Quart hill, where you can find some remains of the first human settlements in Aosta Valley.
● The Mater Misericordiae monastery, inaugurated in 1989 and run by the cloistered nuns of the order of the Discalced Carmelites is a place of spirituality in the itineraries of the faith in Aosta Valley. The monastery chapel is accessible during the day.

In Quart there are numerous itineraries that can be covered on foot, mountain-bike or horseback. The easiest are the walks along the Rus, ancient irrigation canals still in use, such as Ru Prévôt and Ru Souverou, which correspond, in part, to the Via Francigena route.
For those who wish to reach higher destinations, it is possible to make panoramic excursions such as those to the Cross of Fana, from the hamlet of Trois Villes, and to the Oratory of Blessed Emeric, above the castle. In winter, many of these routes are practicable with snowshoes or ski touring. For climbing enthusiasts, there is an equipped rock climbing wall in Vollein.

● The Quart-Naval is the carnival in the Villair hamlet with costume parade and distribution of soup.

In addition to the numerous outdoor playgrounds distributed in the hamlets, there are, along the main road in the commercial area of Amérique, many entertainment centres for the whole family where you can find lots of video games, bowling, billiards, carambolas and much more.

Inhabitants: 4100
Altitude: 536 m
How to get there by public transport: Quart can be reached from Aosta by bus with line 21 “Aosta-Chetoz” and line 29 “Saint-Pierre-Villefranche”. The timetables are available on the website of the SVAP company.


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