Crest - Donnas

Donnas, Pontboset

  • Alta Via no. 2
    Stage 14
  • Departure:
    Crest (1.170 m)
  • Arrival:
    Donnas (330 m)
  • Difference in level:
    +980 m -1784 m
  • Ascent:
  • Duration coming back:
  • Trail sign:
    alta via 2
  • GPS tracks:
    GPX , KML

Description of the route

From Crest, continue on the flat along the path that runs alongside a water duct, along which you will meet a number of votive chapels.
The path crosses a wooden bridge over the Brenve Torrent, and after a few dozen metres, a set of steep stone steps lead up into the woods to the Retempio sanctuary. Opposite the sanctuary, the dortoir Retempio is open during the mountain pasture period.
From here, continue upwards, walking along a large ridge; at the first fork, take left and proceed to Valsomma.
Past the pastures, the path takes right and goes up to Col Pousseuil, the highest point on this stage, where the route enters into the municipality of Donnas.
Go down the deep Mouilla valley to the Mouilla pasture, where there was once a lake; continue on the left, go through Giassit, Bochet and Mognissola, and before you come to Pian Mery-damon, cross the Bonze torrent.
Go along the dirt road for about a hundred metres until you reach the houses of Donnes, then continue on down to Clapey, partly on the path and partly on the local tarmac road.
When you come to the roundabout, cross the pedestrian bridge over the Dora Baltea river into the historic hamlet of the municipality of Donnas.


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