Covid19 - the situation in Aosta Valley

Useful information regarding your holiday in Aosta Valley 

May 2nd, 2021

Arrivals and departures

From 3rd May 2021 the Aosta Valley region is in the red zone. 

Displacements into and out of the Italian regions in the red zone are allowed:

  • without time limits, for proven work needs, for situations of necessity or for health reasons
  • to return to one's own municipality of domicile or residence. (including second homes - only to people belonging to the same cohabiting family unit)
  • to subjects with COVID-19 green certifications, proving vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 or recovery from the infection or a rapid molecular or antigen test with negative results in the last 48 hours. Vaccination passes issued in the EU are valid in Italy.

Displacements between municipalities within the territory of the Aosta Valley region are not permitted, but in case of need it is allowed to take advantage of unsuspended activities and services in neighboring municipalities.
Those in the red zone are not allowed to travel to visit friends or relatives.

The restrictions listed above are valid for all persons present on Italian territory, regardless of their nationality. For travel to and from abroad, in addition to these restrictions, you are also subject to the specific provisions relating to each foreign state.

If you need to enter Aosta Valley and you come from abroad, for several countries there is the obligation to communicate your entry into the Italian territory. In some cases it may be mandatory to carry out a swab and/or fiduciary isolation.
For the limitations and precautionary measures on entry into Italy from abroad, please consult the updates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and of the Ministry of Health (you can also orient yourself with this informative questionnaire).

If the final destination of your stay is the Aosta Valley, a communication, if due according to current legislation, must be addressed to the Prevention Department of the local health authority via e-mail to the address 
attaching the self-declaration for entry into Italy from abroad, a copy of your identity document and, when it is required, a declaration stating that you have performed a molecular or antigen swab test with a negative result (preferably attaching the swab report). 

Safety measures

  • Gatherings are forbidden. When meeting other people, a cover should be worn on the nose and mouth. In closed places, a distance of at least one meter between people must be maintained and the mask must always be worn.
  • It is compulsory to wear a mask even outdoors. Those who practice sports, children under 6 years, people with pathologies and disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask are excluded from the obligation.
  • It is recommended to wash hands frequently or to use a hand sanitizer.
  • It is forbidden to go out in case of flu symptoms or fever (above 37.5 ° C) or if you live with people who have symptoms attributable to Covid-19.

Openings and permitted activities

  • Catering services (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors and pastry shops) are suspended. Home delivery is allowed. Catering with takeaway is allowed until 10.00 pm, with a ban on consumption on the spot or nearby. For bars, take-away is only allowed until 6.00 pm.
  • The shops are open in compliance with the protocols and security measures in force: delayed entrances, respect for the interpersonal distance of at least one metre, access allowed to only one member per family unit. 
  • The accommodation facilities which guarantee the necessary security measures are open. Hotels restaurants are open without time limit only for their guests. Customers of accommodation facilities without a restaurant can use the one of another accommodation facility until 10.00 pm (upon agreements between the facilities themselves).
  • Sports activities are allowed exclusively within the territory of the municipality of residence or domicile, from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm, individually and outdoors, maintaining an interpersonal distance of two metres.
  • Public transportation is in operation with reduced seats to ensure safety distances between passengers. The use of the mask on board is mandatory.

Closures and suspensions

  • lifts in ski areas are closed. 
  • festivals, fairs of any kind and other similar events are prohibited
  • indoor and outdoor parties are prohibited including those following civil and religious ceremonies
  • museums and cultural sites are closed
  • ballrooms and discos are closed
  • suspension of shows in theatres, concert halls, cinemas (also outdoors)
  • conventions and congresses are suspended with the exception of those that take place online
  • suspension of non-professional sports competitions
  • the activities of swimming pools, wellness centres and non-health thermal baths are suspended
  • gyms activities are suspended except for individual activities with personal trainers
  • the activities of gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos are suspended

Information is always available

In Aosta Valley health monitoring is continuous, there are constant, transparent updates on the evolution of the situation and the Regional Health Service is organized to manage any cases of contagion.

For medical information or to report symptoms of flu or respiratory problems, please call 112.

If you have any doubts about travelling to Italy, please contact the Border Police or the competent local health authorities.


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