Etétrad - traditional music from the world in Aosta Valley


piazza Roncas
  • Saturday 20 August 2022
Opening time and fees

Etétrad is a traditional musical event that brings music from around the world to Aosta Valley. The exhibition has become increasingly popular and its artistic quality has improved, so much so that it draws large crowds thanks to the originality of its proposals.

On 20 August 2022 the sounds and magic of Etétrad enter the heart of the city of Aosta for an evening of notes, dances and harmonies of the western Alps.

Concert of the groups:

  • GrooveFactory
    The energy of the two diatonic accordions linked to the use of sampling constitute an immense playground and place of experimentation, a new way of composing at the service of dance.
    Groove Factory is a train launched at full speed in the steppes of traditional music.

- Cyrille Brotto and Stéphane Milleret: diatonic accordions
- Mika Fontanella: bass, moog

  • Three violins and a butler
    Three violinists from the western Alps specialized in the music of the Occitan valleys and interpreters of the rhythm and sound power that characterize the “gigas”, the “countrodanse” and all the dances of the valleys. And the butler at the accordion of the Vermenagna Valley …

- Gabriele Ferrero: violin
- Enrico Paski Pascal: violin
- Stefano Protto: violin
- The butler Silvio Peron: accordion



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