Walking barefoot is good for your health: it produces a pleasant plantar massage, strengthens the leg muscles and promotes blood circulation. Furthermore, contact with the ground and with the elements of nature induces healthy relaxation and is a very fun activity for children!

The barefooting path, located near the vast sports area of Morgex, has a length of about 600 meters and offers a sensory experience that mainly involves touch but also the other senses.

It is based on the barefoot exploration of the elements present in nature, stimulating the sensory capacities of people during the walk.
The experience varies according to the various materials that have been placed on the ground: stone, wood, grass, moss, mud, water and sand and other elements that differ according to the seasons such as flower petals, larch needles, pine cones.

The path is equipped with a series of interactive stations that amplify the sensory experience and allow you to refine not only touch, but also smell and hearing.

The type of track, the particular technical features and the preparation of some signs in the Braille alphabet mean that even blind or visually impaired people can have this experience and try the route.