La Thuile - Alberto Deffeyes mountain hut

  • Alta Via no. 2
    < Stop off 3 >
  • Departure:
    La Thuile (1.435 m)
  • Arrival:
    Alberto Deffeyes mountain hut (2.500 m)
  • Difference in level:
    +1065 m -1065 m
  • Ascent:
  • Duration coming back:
  • Trail sign:
    alta via 2
  • GPS tracks:
    gpx , kml

Description of the route

From La Thuile, go back up the asphalt road on the left of the Rutor torrent and continue on until the road forks; take right, cross the bridge and continue along the dirt track until you come to the path that intersects with the tarmac road for brief stretches and leads to La Joux.
From here the route runs through the fields, crosses the torrent and enters the wood, where it passes alongside three delightful waterfalls and climbs sharply up towards the Glacier lake.
After the Glacier pasture, continue on up towards the Alberto Deffeyes mountain hut.


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