Equipped routes for Nordic Walking

Verrayes, Saint-Denis

The Champlong Nordic Walking Park in the Municipality of Verrayes, consists of a series of extremely picturesque and well-signposted trails.

The routes vary in difficulty and length and extend from the slopes of Longhède Summit and Becca d’Aver to Col des Bornes and Col San Pantaléon.

Tor de la Brenva:
Easy route (blue) - 1.1 km - ascent: 70 metres.
You’ll leave from the picnic area, going up the road until the end of the asphalt. A farm road starts on the left, going straight into the forest. After around five minutes, close to the first turn that goes right, you can glimpse the impressive shape of a centuries-old larch (“Brenva” in local dialect) on the left.
The route continues through the forest, then leaves it for a little, reaching a viewpoint that looks out over the clearing where the picnic area is located. Starting from the left, the view extends from Longhède Summit and Becca d’Aver, to Zerbion, until reaching the Dames of Challand and Monte Emilius and Becca di Nona on the other side of the valley.

Tor Saint-Pantaléon:
Moderately difficult route (red) - 5.8 km - Ascent 244 metres.
Leaving from the picnic area, you take the first part of the previous trail until you reach the viewpoint. Then, instead of descending, you continue to take the farm road on the left by the lodge that is beneath the road. You climb through the forest for around 1 kilometre. In some short parts, the incline is not suitable for the proper Nordic Walking technique.
At the end of the uphill section, you’ll reach a fork in the road and you should take the right. A long flat stretch will then begin that leads you to the clearing of Col de Bornes. From here, following the road in front of you that starts to climb slightly, you will first reach a flat section, then you will descend slightly to get to the asphalt road which crosses the Col San Pantaléon and connects the municipalities of Verrayes and Torgnon. Don’t miss the panoramic viewpoint over the Matterhorn (a sign shows all the visible peaks).

Route variations: Tor Saint-Pantaléon:

Col des Bornes:
Easy route (blue) - 1.3 km - Ascent: 116 metres.
This variation has you returning to the Champlong picnic area after you have reached Col de Bornes. Go down the farm road that is skirted by a big stream and which cuts through the forest in sections and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains at others and, in the final part, of the clearing where the picnic area stands with its small adjacent lake that, seen from up high, provide a lovely view.

Easy route (blue) - 1.1 km - Ascent: 60 metres.
This is the variation that allows you to slightly extend your return to the picnic area, reaching “Gorzà” clearing from the Col de Bornes, a lovely green space inside the forest. Afterwards, you reach the farm road that is part of the variation described above, then arrive at the Champlong picnic area.

Violette: easy route (blue) - 1.7 km- Ascent: 50 metres.
This is the variation to Tor Saint-Pantaléon that, once you have reached the fork described in the main trail, allows you (by turning left) to take a scenic route, at the foot of Longhède Summit, which overlooks the upper hamlets of the Municipality of Verrayes, offering an exceptional sight of the area. The view is particularly spectacular extending from majestic mountains, such as Monte Emilius, the Becca di Nona and the Dames of Challand, to the area you left from (Champlong) with its little lake and clearing. You will then reach a now disused quarry, then return to the fork and finish the original route.

Tor de Lozon: easy course (blue) - 2.8 km - Ascent: 177 metres.
You leave from the picnic area, walking alongside it until reaching the village of Clavon. At the bottom of this area, the stunningly picturesque farm road continues, extending over the ridge of the mountain, above Lozon, where you will find a protected area boasting distinctive features that foster the proliferation of a wide range of unusual plants and insects. Continuing on, you will get to the town of Verna and then you can go on until you cross the asphalt road that connects the municipalities of Verrayes and Torgnon through the Col Saint Pantaléon.

Grand Tor de Champlong: challenging route (black) - 8.6 km - Ascent: 255 metres.
The route almost completely incorporates the two trails of the “Tor Saint-Pantaléon and the “Tor de Lozon”. Leaving from the picnic area, you’ll reach the village of Clavon and continue on to the scenic farm road that overlooks the Lozon protected area. You’ll then reach the town of Verna, descend slightly, leaving on the right the fork to Mont de Join and continuing until you get to the asphalt road. Once you have crossed and descended the regional road for a short stretch, take the path that climbs through the forest and takes you close to the Col Saint Pantaléon. From here follow the trail for Tor Saint-Pantaléon in reverse until you go back along the route to the picnic area in Champlong.



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