Voulpellière - Prenoud


  • Difficulties:
    T - Tourist
  • Best period:
    from 01/05 to 31/10
  • Departure:
    Ponte Artanavaz (1277 m)
  • Arrival:
    Prenoud (1307 m)
  • Difference in level:
    40 m
  • length:
    1700 m
  • Ascent:
  • Trail sign:
  • GPS tracks:
    GPX , KML

Flat route of less than 2 km also suitable for strollers. It is also possible to opt for a loop itinerary of about 5 km.

Description of the route

From the large parking lot of Voulpellière of Etroubles, take the slightly uphill dirt road that goes into the *wood*s. Along the path, you can also push a stroller and use the sports equipment of the life path. After about 20 minutes slightly uphill, the road begins to descend gently, letting you see a campsite and a picnic area in the distance. Once you arrive at the picnic area, you can cool off at the fountain or at the camping or sports center pbar. The return is on the same path.

If you prefer to do a ring route (not with strollers), continue for about 200 meters on the left along the paved road passing near the ancient carpentry shop. Near the Pineta campsite you cross the bridge on the right and after a few tens of meters on the left you see the path that runs alongside the asphalt road. After a few tens of meters, the path joins the Via Francigena (trail marker 103). At this point, go right, cross the paved road and continue along the Via Francigena to the town of Saint-Oyen. Following the signs 103, you make a small zig zag between the houses, you get to Chateau Verdun, a pilgrimage stop, a further 200 meters up the slight slope along the paved road. You cross the state road where there is a large wooden statue. From there it is easy to see the path on the right that will take us back to Etroubles. If you choose the ring route, the overall length is about 5 km with a drop of about 80 meters and a journey time of about 1h15.


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Tourist Areas

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Tourist offer

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