Punta Tsanteleina


  • Difficulties:
    Not too difficult
  • Best period:
    July - September
  • Esposizione:
  • Departure:
    Thumel (1879 m)
  • Arrival:
    Punta Tsanteleina (3601 m)
  • Difference in level:
    410 m + 1316 m
  • Ascent:

How to get there

Aosta Ovest highway exit. Take state road 26 heading towards Courmayeur. In Villeneuve, turn toward Valle di Rhêmes and follow the road to the end (Thumel).

Punta Tsanteleina rises with its distinguishing pyramid shape and evenly sloped northern snowy skid on the ridge bordering Italy and France. Better known as a ski mountaineering destination, Tsanteleina is also a beautiful climb in the summer. The steep climb to the peak is a good filter and makes it more wild.

Description of the route

First day
From Thumal, take the path that gently climbs towards the top of the valley. This rejoins with the dirt road near a bridge where a well-visible hut is found at the end of the ramp. Continue along the road crossing near the Lavassey mountain pastures to quickly reach the Benevolo hut,
Second day
From the hut, drop briefly to the bridge to cross the Dora di Rhêmes and take the path to Lake Goletta. At the first grassy lawn, leave the main path and follow the path to the south that cuts across the grassy slope leading to the back of the summit called Truc Sant’Elena. Continue along the edge of the moraine that runs along the large east face of the Granta Parei. The foot of the Tsanteleina glacier is at the end. Hug the slightly steep southern face of the Granta Parei until you see the Colle di Tsanteleina that rises between the Picco di Goletta and Punta Tsanteleina. From the valley, continue south along the left edge of the snow-covered and rocky northern face. The slope is steeper near the end: In bad weather you can climb to the left using the rocks on the edge of the eastern face.

Descend along the ascent route.

The route requires alpine climbing experience. Alpine guide assistance is recommended.


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

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Central Valley


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