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The farm is located in the municipality of Charvensod, on a promontory that looks down onto the city of Aosta and offers views out over the surrounding mountains.
His own extremely positive experience of allowing his children to help with the everyday work on the farm prompted Fabio to offer a similar opportunity to other children. Following the example of an adult engaged in common-sense activities, children have the opportunity to learn about the age-old connection with the land, tuning back into the natural rhythm of nature through manual work, as well as contact with natural materials and with animals.
The farm is surrounded by fields, woodland and vineyards.
The main activity is cattle rearing, and the farm also has a vegetable and flower garden, orchard and walnut trees.

Educational activities
A day with the farmer to observe how jobs on the farm vary from season to season:

  • sowing crops and the pace of growth of flowers and vegetables;
  • taking care of the animals indoors;
  • out in the pastures with the farmer;
  • preparing the meadows in the spring;
  • gathering and baling hay in the summer.

A journey through nature: the chance to discover our body on the move with the numerous routes around the farm during the various seasons.
A number of activities take place in the barn, in the hayshed or in the farmer’s home, but most are outdoor activities, sometimes involving the animals.

How to reach the farm
In the Turin-Aosta direction, take the “Aosta Est” motorway exit and follow the indications for Pila. When you reach the village of Charvensod, take the first road on the right that climbs up to the centre of the village. At the top of the climb, turn right again and go along the road for about 400 metres until you reach the private road that leads to the farm.


Fabio Vallet
Località Capoluogo, 279/a

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