Honey Festival at Châtillon

An event that celebrates the variants of this golden Valle d'Aosta nectar

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On the last Sunday in October the town of Châtillon becomes Valle d'Aosta's honey capital, hosting the festival dedicated to this natural product and its derivatives; the town's main street, "invaded" by stalls of local producers of Miel du Val d'Aoste becomes, for one day, the favourite spot for lovers of this mouthwatering food, who can take the opportunity to enjoy delicious desserts made with the honey.

The event, organised by the local Administration in collaboration with the Regional Agricultural Office, the Bee Consortium Association and with the Pro-loco, attracts a large number of visitors each year and coincides with the awarding of the regional prize dedicated to Valle d'Aosta honeys; the best producers of this sugary nectar receive the recognition inherent to the category they were competing in: rhododendron honey, clear millefiori honey, dark millefiori honey, chestnut honey, tarassaco honey and linden honey.

The room inside the former Hotel Londres acts, on the other hand, as a backdrop to the display of apiculture tools used over the years.

In Valle d’Aosta, the protection of the product is entrusted to the Apistic Consortium in Valle d'Aosta, while the commercialisation is directly handled by bee keepers and the Miel du Val d’Aoste Cooperative.


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