Villair rock climbing wall


  • Periodo consigliato:
    dal 01/04 to 31/10
    Since sunny during hotter hours, climbs are even possible in late winter.
  • Esposizione:
  • Difference in level:
    40 m.

How to get there

Courmayeur highway exit. Follow the directions for Villair. From the parking lot before the Villair hamlet, follow the dirt road to Val Sapin to the third curve where the belvedere path starts.

The Villair wall is one of the many dominating the hamlet and is the base of Mont de la Saxe. It stands out for its typical black falls caused by water in the winter. The rock is well-worked compact granite with cracks, crimps and jugs making it a more athletic climb requiring good hold techniques. It is thus ideal for climbers who seek both satisfaction and a good work-out.

Description of the route

Wall ascent: when you reach the house in ruins, leave the path and continue to your left to the wall.

The wall was anchored by some alpine guides from Courmayeur who did a great job cleaning both the base and the ascent and anchoring and cleaning the wall. Good anchoring in stainless steel material with average distances between pitons. Route style is rather modern.
The activity requires technical experience. Alpine guide assistance is recommended.

Descent: Stops include chains and belays and climbers are either belayed or top-roped down on a 60 m cord or on 80 m cords for 2 length ones.

Minimum, maximum and average route difficulty from 5c to 7c, average 6c.

Total number of routes: 17

Average length is 28 meters with a minimum of 16 and maximum of 42 meters.

Other rock walls in the area: Placche di Pré de Bar, Val Ferret – Courmayeur.


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