MOTOTOUR - Pont-Saint-Martin - Torgnon - Saint-Barthélemy - Nus

Pont-Saint-Martin, Nus, Torgnon, Verrayes

  • Best period:
    May - October
  • Departure:
    Municipality of Pont-Saint-Martin – Piazza IV Novembre
  • Arrival:
    Municipality of Nus – Highway on-ramp
  • length:
    107,4 Km

This is the typical peaceful route, with the desire to explore uncommon streets, rich in curves and turns, and to enjoy beautiful landscapes. An itinerary entirely towards the South, which takes you, at high altitudes, far from the most popular tourist destinations. A stop in Torgnon and its hamlets interspersed on a broad and sunny terrace, a short trip to Lake Lozon, heart of an interesting natural reserve, then down in the central valley and again back up to Saint-Barthélemy, through a valley of splendid, rich green. A point of interest: The particular position and isolation of this location makes Saint-Barthélemy one of the most suitable points for stargazing. It is no coincidence that here, in Lignan district, is an important astronomical observatory. An opportunity to discover an Aosta Valley…unique, before going down to Nus to end the day with a nice glass of Rouge or Malvoisie, renowned local wines.

Description of the route

From Pont-Saint-Martin, after admiring its ancient Roman bridge, travel along the valley floor to Châtillon from where you will then climb along the Matterhorn Valley. At Antey-Saint-André you will find the crossroads for Torgnon. From Torgnon you will then pass the panoramic pass of San Pantaleone (Saint-Pantaléon) from which you can reach Verrayes by choosing between two different routes: passing through Lozon (nature reserve) or through Semon (municipality of Saint-Denis). From Verrayes you reach the valley floor again and arrive at Nus from which you climb towards Saint-Barthélemy where another exceptional panorama opens up. The route ends with the descent towards Nus.

Torgnon lies in the heart of those who visit it not only because of its privileged location, in the middle of the valley of the Matterhorn, at an altitude of 1489 m, but also for its numerous hamlets which retain their characteristic Alpine architecture. Among these the hamlets of Etirol and Triatel, whose buildings host the ethnographic museum Petit-Monde about the history of the area, its production cycle and its social organisation, stand out.
The view from the Saint-Pantaléon pass is definitely stunning and the gaze takes in the whole Valtournenche valley, encircled by the Grandes Murailles and the Matterhorn, and the Central Valley.

The Saint-Barthélemy Valley, initially tortuous and very steep, in the Lignan area at 1,633 meters above sea level, opens up into a vast plateau from which you can admire a splendid panorama. The astronomical observatory of Saint-Barthélemy, very important for scientific research, is one of the most suitable places for astronomical observations, thanks to favourable conditions, mainly due to low light pollution.
Excellent local wines are produced in the municipality of Nus: Nus Rouge and the aromatic Malvoisie, an enological preciousness produced from dried grapes.


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

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Great Saint Bernard

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