This church is located on the road to Val Veny, with a Brenva glacier backdrop. It was once dedicated to Vierge du Terrier and today to Notre-Dame de la Guérison. The sanctuary was built in 1792, on a stone mass, called a “berrier” in Patois, meaning rock or stone. In 1816 the small sanctuary was knocked by the relentless advancement of the Brenva glacier: only the statue of the Madonna remained intact, something that was considered miraculous.

The current sanctuary was rebuilt in 1867 and consecrated the following year. The supernatural fame of the Virgin Mary has made this sanctuary a place of pilgrimage. Its inside walls are completely covered in crutches, votive offerings and gifts, left here by believers in her miracles.

The Alpine Guides of Courmayeur together with the faithful, celebrate the beginning of the summer season on 2nd July. On that occasion, the procession on foot also takes place, starting from the goat bridge.
Furthermore, on 8th September, the faithful arrive at the sanctuary on a pilgrimage starting from various locations in the area.