Seupa à la vapelenentse

A festival that combines taste and tradition

Everyone in Valpelline knows they belong to the town of “Seupa à la Vapelenentse”, because everyone, has always prepared this delicious soup - with bread and fontina- with the pride of those who know they are creator and “keeper” of an antique recipe. Equating the production of Seupa à la Vapelenentse to the promotion of a cultural item, contributes to connoting the area, preserving its traditions.

In the '60's, when tourism was just opening up in the area, the Seupa à la Vapelenentse was put forward as a“traditional dish”, symbol of Valpelline, its Valley and the entire region. In the years that followed, the town festival, permeated both from a religious point of view, as well as a more celebratory one - with music and entertainment, making the Seupa à la Vapelenentse a real attraction.

The Seupa festival livens up the town of Valpelline during the last week in July, for the celebrations of the Local Saint. The preparation of the Seupa, nowadays as in the past, unites most of the town, strengthening the feeling of collective belonging and attracting enthusiasts and tourists; the festival is a pleasant occasion to enjoy this and other local specialities exploring the traditional criteria.

The Seupa à la Vapelenentse, thanks to the preparation methods that still follow as they always have,the practices from the past, has been awarded "Local Origin Denomination" status.


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