The bus, a convenient alternative

The car is fast, convenient and gives us a sense of independence but occasionally it is a source of stress: it's difficult to find parking, or you need to pay for parking and you don't have change or again, you can't find your way around one way streets and problems with road networks, perhaps when you drive you can't appreciate the surrounding countryside as much as you would like to....these are all valid reasons for which you may prefer to use public transport.

If this is the case, you will be glad to know that the whole of Valle d'Aosta is covered by daily bus services, that link all the side valleys with the main valley and the city of Aosta with the area of "the upper Valley" (from Aosta towards Courmayeur) and with that of the "central Valley" (from Aosta to Monjovet) and of the "lower valley" (from Montjovet to Pont-Saint-Martin).

The city of Aosta and the neighbouring municipalities are served by a bus service which reaches the centre of the chief town in a short time, in turn, the chief town is served by a specific urban bus service. The transport service from the outskirts to the city  run approximately every 40 minutes while the service within the city runs less than every 30 minutes; in both cases it is possible to purchase your ticket before getting on board from authorised retailers or alternatively on board.


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Tourist Areas

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