Via ferrata Hans Marguettaz


  • Difficulties:
    Not too difficult
  • Best period:
    from 01/04 to 30/09
  • Esposizione:
  • Departure:
    Bosco di Kirraz (Kirraz Woods) (1150 m)
  • Arrival:
    Peak on the Kirraz spur (1380 m) or Frazione Kirraz (1402 m)
  • Difference in level:
    230 m (od eventualmente 252 m)
  • Ascent:

How to get there

Tollbooth of Morgex. Proceed towards Courmayeur. Take the intersection to the left for Arpy and the colle San Carlo. Arrive at the sign indicating “palestra roccia Hans Marguettaz”. Park your car in the area to the right, before the sign, or in the smaller one to the left.

The ferrata Hans Marguettaz is dedicted to the famous Valdostan guide who passed away in 1994 while he was gliding. It is a short trail in a beautiful wood filled with conifers with fascinating parts that may be crossed not only during the high season.

Description of the route

From the sign “palestra di roccia Hans Marguettaz” take the dirt road that enters the woods. Continue on the road that bends twice until you come to a fork. Go to the right, on a sloping plain, until you reach a wooden bridge. The cartway becomes a trail and continues to go round all the areas of the cliff with a few steep parts. Dopo aver circumnavigato l’area in senso antiorario si raggiunge quindi un cartello che indica a sinistra la zona creata per rocciatori bambini ed a destra l’attacco della ferrata. After having circumnavigated the area in a counterclockwise way you reach the sign that indicates, to the left, an area created for rock-climbing children and, to the right, the ferrata’s fastenings. Continue until you find the first wires close to the ledges to the left at 1300 meters. Cross a little to the left and go up a red ladder with surrounding safety fencing for your back (there aren’t any wires). You pass the second red ladder to the right and go to the left. Pass a few granite ramps and an overhang of about ten meters. Proceed to the right on an ascending inclined ledge of about forty meters. Fasten yourself to a dihedral of about 3 meters with footholds and cross to the left on metal footholds. (ATTENTION: do not go to the right on the hand holds. They are misleading and must be left out). You reach a clearing with a beautiful view that apparently does not lead anywhere. To go back down you can follow the trail backwards (recommended). You can also cross the final clearing to the left. It is also possible to cross over the small plaque but you must be very careful. You enter woods that do not have any tracks towards the right, going uphill. You will notice a few wires that are used to breech a few unstable rocks. You continue uphill until you come out onto a few clearings. Skirt along the clearings to the left in view of a house (frazione Kirriaz 1402 m). You will find a dirt road that follows a sloping plain towards the left until you come to SR39 (state road 39) that, in 2 km downhill, will take you back to the parking area.
To safely cross the ferrata we recommend that you be accompanied by a mountain guide.


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