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The MAV is a museum devoted to traditional Valle d’Aosta craftsmanship.

The traditional craftsmanship of Valle d’Aosta carries within it a wealth of symbols, knowledge, identity values and extraordinary creative processes of which the objects created are the custodians.
Inaugurated in Fénis in 2009, this year, 2022, the museum has a renewed exhibition itinerary that takes visitors on an ideal journey which starts from memory and then continues with matter, form, gesture and beauty.

The first section presents the exhibition of the entire Brocherel Collection whose objects are told as producers of memory.
The second room, devoted to matter, instead investigates the close relationship between the territory and craftsmanship, between that craftsmanship and the matter it shapes.
The path then continues on with form, that which shapes objects in the encounter between craftsmanship and matter, and gesture, that is the pure manual skills of which the artisans are bearers, a unique intangible heritage of knowledge, without which there would be no object.
The new exhibition ends with a look at the avant-garde, at the ability of creation to go beyond its own time, and at beauty, as an individual, objective or social aesthetic judgment of a set of objects.

Agreement between the castle of Fenis and the MAV:
from 1 August the Museum ticket can be purchased at the price of € 2.00, in combination with the castle ticket, at the castle ticket office, the tourist offices or at the MIDA ticket office and is valid only on the day of issue.

*In order to keep up to date with all the initiatives and activities of the MAV, visit the web site indicated in the “Contacts” section.

*In order to learn more about craftmanship in Valle d’Aosta “read more”: /it/cultura/tradizione/artigianato


MAV - Museo dell’Artigianato Valdostano di tradizione
Villa Montana - Hameau Chez Sapin 86
11020 FENIS (AO)

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