Amusement park "Summer Park"


Prices in 2023
Playground (excluding carpet lift/tubing/big air bag)

  • Morning ticket (to 1 p.m.) Afternoon (form 4 p.m.) € 7,50
  • Day ticket € 10,00
  • 5 entrances € 40,00

Carpet lift and tubing or big air bag

  • 5 descents € 7,00
  • 10 descents € 11,00
  • 20 descents € 18,00
  • Day ticket playground + 5 descents € 12,50

27/8/2023 closed

The summer version of the well-known “Winter Park” has been created in the beautiful Chantorné basin, about 4 kilometers from the center of Torgnon, in the Matterhorn Valley, in an area close to the woods, meadows and mountain pastures.

To the delight of the children who can have fun here, this amusement park has 1 treadmill with big air bags for fun evolutions and fun descents with summer tubing on an artificial track with curves, inflatable slides, six rectangular trampolines plus two round ones, ball pit, a climbing wall, swings, merry-go-round carousel, soft games for small children; parents can relax in the sun on deckchairs (for a fee).

Two different descents for “tubbies” on manmade tracks: a simple track and one with final ramp and landing on the huge inflatable mattress of 25×15 metres!

Nearby there are traditional restaurants or, just a ways downhill, there is a picnic area for barbecues in the middle of a pine forest. It is also an ideal place for taking a walk along the paths and through the woods around the playground.

  • Summer playground
  • Suitable for children
  • Entrance fee
  • Outdoor games
  • Bike park “Teppa trail”

2023 Opening Periods

  • Weekends of June 24/25, July 1/2; every day from July 8 to September 3

Opening hours

  • Play area: 10:30am - 6:00 pm
  • Carpet for ascent and descent via tubing or Big Air Bags: 10:00am - 13pm/2pm – 6pm

Населенный пункт

CERVINO SPA - Impianti Torgnon
Fraz. Molinet
11020 TORGNON (AO)

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Веб камера
Breuil Cervinia

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