City market - Piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto - Saturday


In the outdoor area, around 170 exhibitors and some local producers. In the open space of piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto but also along via Silvano Lucat and via Giuseppe Mazzini there are stalls selling clothes, shoes, linens and other household items, as well as groceries.

A section of the covered market hosts various producers of Coldiretti Valle d’Aosta who offer local excellence: from meat to cheese, from vegetables to wines as well as honey and other local delicacies.

Novaro Nicola's Agricultural entreprise  – olive oil, Taggiasca olives and pesto – Diano Monte, Imperia
Maisacoli -  Baldeh Amadou – hazelnuts, small fruits and jams - Hône
Brocard Thierry - fresh milk, cheese and other dairy products – Charvensod
Jotaz Simone farm - meat, cured meats and Fontina cheese – Ollomont
Agri.mont small farm - meat and cured meats – Montjovet
Les Ecureuils - goat cheese - Saint-Pierre
Au potager de Grand-Mère – fruits and vegetables, eggs, plants and flowers – Fenis
Merivot Marcello - honey – Fenis
P.A.N. small farm - fruit and vegetables, herbal teas – Gignod
Sabatino beekeeping - honey – Charvensod
Vevey François - fruits and vegetables - Saint-Christophe
Bonne Vallee by Chappoz Ezio&C. - bakery products – Donnas
Claudio Berthod's Le Grain farm - fruit and vegetables and wine - Saint-Pierre

The Campagna Amica covered market is open weekly, every Tuesday and Saturday morning from 7 am to 1 pm.

There you will  find  zero kilometer fresh, seasonal food.

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