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Sito ufficiale del turismo in Valle d'Aosta



Località: Nus


The restaurant of Florian Hotel has been run from the Rey-Verthuy family for more than 90 year. It is an ancient structure which shares a wall with the adjacent Pilato Castle and it is Nus, a pretty pastel coloured village, in the centre of Aosta Valley. Chef Joseph takes care of the cuisine, bringing traditional dishes revisited in a modern way.

Risotto with Bleu d’Aoste cheese and cinnamon caramelized apples
Potatoes Millefeuille with mocetta (dried meat) and fontina cheese with rosemary sauce
Aosta Valley veal filet with red onions
Cream of Nus

“Les Granges” :Nus Rouge, Fumin (Vda)
Di Barrò Torrette (Vda)
Cave du Mont Blanc (Blanc de Morgex La Salle) (Vda)