Welcome to your home! What could be better than being welcomed by loved ones in a familiar place? For us, there’s nothing better. It is for this reason that the boys and girls of the Staff will do their best to be available for you and attentive to your needs as they are used to doing with visiting friends. For us, you are important.
Family means children and pets; they are always welcome here and for them, every year, we try to increase comfort and services. Because we know well that their well-being is at the base of your serenity. Your serenity is important.
Monterosa is a unique place; it is a place for skiing on and off the track, it is for mountaineering and ski-mountaineering, it is for trekking and trails, it is for Walser culture and architecture, it is becoming so for biking and snowshoeing. In the heart of this wonderful microcosm that we love, we are pleased to offer you a comfortable refuge to return to at the end of your days of sport, emotions and beauty.



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