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Расписание Цены

Beside skiing, here are some interesting routes on snow to get precious moments of serenity. They are all easy routes, to walk on by foot or with snowshoes, and they offer you the magic of winter nature and the breathtaking beauty of Gran Paradiso National Park.

Easy itinerary which links up the Epinel village to the hamlet of Gimillan or Cogne.
Starting from the high part of the Epinel hamlet (1,470 m), following a short tenant farm path, you can reach the “Tor de Mougne” ruin.
Carrying on to the left, slightly uphill, once crossed the railway underpass, you will reach a crossroad where, by turning to the right, you will go down towards the petrol pump. Proceeding along the municipal road which crosses the Cretaz inhabited area, you will get onto the low part of the “Sant’Orso” route, which reaches the village of Cogne.
From the same crossroad, after the railway underpass, turning to the left, it is possible to follow a track that climbs up to the Gimillan hamlet, between Scotch pine-woods and enchanting views over the Valley of Cogne and the Gran Paradiso massif and gets linked up to the “Serve” itinerary.
Map: red itinerary

Very easy ring-itinerary which unwinds almost totally over Sant’Orso meadows.
Relaxing and interesting for those who long to admire cross country skiers training over the cross country ski runs. Departure is possible from Cogne, Cretaz or from Son-le-Prò.
The track flanks the inhabited area of Cogne forming a half-moon shaped circuit. Once reached the highest part of it, you can go over a short path of carriage road, and then descend down over the right side of the Valnontey mountain stream, until the Buthier bridge.
Once passed the bridge, the walk continues on the left side until the inhabited area of Cretaz, then turning back towards Cogne.
The route can be run through in both walking directions.
Map: brown itinerary

A different and interesting excursion within the Gran Paradiso National Park with the possibility to run into herds of chamois and ibexes.
Spectacular view over the Gran Paradiso massif and its impressive glaciers.
You will be able to watch mountaineers coming from all over the world, intent on climbing on the numerous ice falls.
Map: orange itinerary
From the Valnontey hamlet carry on along the right orographic side of the homonymous mountain stream until the Alp Vermiana farmhouses (1,731 m).
The return is made along the same route.
Map: orange itinerary.

Excursion to high-altitude with a fabulous view over the Gran Paradiso chain and all over the Valley of Cogne. The walk stirs up a strong sensation of approach and contact with the surrounding glaciers.
On the higher part of the inhabited area of Cogne, take the Montseuc cableway which brings you to the height of 2,081 m. Once arrived, walk up until a chalet-bar and get on the right into the path that, in slight slope, once passed a little wooden bridge looking over a steep canyon, brings you to the Belvedere space at the height of 2,100 m.
From this point, continuing to the left upward in the middle of centuries-old trees, you will come to a panoramic depression at the height of 2,200 m. Return is made over the same route.
Map: blue itinerary.

Ring shaped route nearby the chief town, practicable with every weather condition and ideal to those who can appreciate nature’s details.
From downtown Cogne continue on the municipal street towards Lillaz up to the “Lou Ressignon” restaurant. On the right, get into the uphill road which passes by the P.N.G.P. house, then continue until the “Stambeccaggio” (Alpine Wildlife Studies Centre).
Carrying on, you will come to a crossroads where starts a ring which can be run along in both walking directions. If you choose to take on the left, the route will fork again: to the left for snowshoeing, to the right for walking.
The route unwinds in the enchanted wood of “Sylvenoire”, with ups and downs and bends within a thousand shapes created by stones, plants and crystals (refreshment bar).
Map: light-violet itinerary.

Route which links up Cogne to the Lillaz waterfalls. The first stretch covers along the itinerary “The enchanted wood”. At the exit of the wood of “Sylvenoire” you carry on downhill towards the inhabited area of Champlong. Once crossed the bridge continue on the sidewalk of the municipal road on the right side of the Urtier torrent.
Once passed the Lillaz inhabited area, following the road signs, continue towards the homonymous waterfalls which in the winter turn into a spectacular stage on which numerous “waterfallers” (or waterfall climbers) test themselves.
Moreover, from the inhabited area of Lillaz it is possible to continue, flanking two camping sites, along the path that in hairpin bends climbs to the Tzéleret bridge. View over the wild valley of Valeille and its glaciers.
Map: green itinerary

Before the inhabited area of Lillaz, on the left, turn into the tenant farm path which, climbing in long hairpin bends towards the Urtier gorge, brings you to the ancient village of “Les Goilles” (1,856 m.). Particularly sunny itinerary with a breathtaking view over the Valeille with its glaciers and the wide Urtier gorge.
Map: fuchsia itinerary

Easy route, devoid of dangers and very sunny, which alternates stretches of road in the woodland and extraordinarily panoramic passages. The itinerary starts at the North end of the inhabited area of Gimillan; it follows for some hundred metres the tenant farm path which climbs in long hairpin bends and continues, then, going plain towards the left until the Serve locality. A large path gets you into the wood and, with a wide hairpin bend, leads to a glade in the direction of Gimillan. In a short time, along with wide-ranging views over the Gran Paradiso chain and the Grivola, one reaches the point of departure.
Map: violet itinerary


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