Notre Maison


  • Примечания:
    • Classic
  • Orario:
    12:30 - 14:00
    19:30 - 21:00
  • Periodi di apertura:
    c 01/01 no 31/12
  • Время работы:
    Fraz. Vetan Villette, 4
    11010 SAINT PIERRE (AO)
  • Telefono:
    (+39) 0165 908960
  • Fax:
    (+39) 0165 908978
  • E-mail:
  • Internet:
  • Полная:
    130 Cиденья снаружи: 20

The restaurant hotel is large and bright, in a welcoming alpine style. The tables can become oval, rectangular or square, depending on the customer’s request. On winter days, the fireplace always on guarantees a family and intimate atmosphere.
The restaurant offers customers dishes prepared with product at km 0*: fontina cheese from the pastures, honey from the nearby meadows, vegetables from the garden, true and intense mountain flavors.
The menu also includes vegetarian dishes and particular attention is paid to food intolerances.


Notre Maison appetizers
Aosta Valley cannelloni
Polenta au gratin with onions
Fillet rolls with Bosses ham, pine nuts, cherry-scented raisins
Hazelnut and courgette cake

Etichette vini

Pinot Gris, Couteau Barrage, Mistigri – Le Triolet (VDA)
Petit Arvine, La Sabla, Syrah – Les Crêtes (VDA)
Chardonnay, Fumin, Cornalin, Merlot, Reflì millesimato – Clos Blanc (VDA)
Petite Arvine, Torrette supérieur – Château Feuillet (VDA)
Fripon, Refrain – Coop. Enfer (VDA)
Birrificio Troll (Piemonte)

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