Skyway Monte Bianco



Nature and technology for views to remember

Skyway Monte Bianco is the ultra-modern cable car that allows you to embark on an enchanting journey in the Mont Blanc massif.

The cable cars rotate a full 360 degrees along the route, affording a full view of the surrounding peaks.

The three stations, Pontal d’Entrèves at 1300 m, Pavillon du Mont Fréty at 2200 m, and Punta Helbronner at 3466 m, are connected by two cableway sections, which are protected spaces built in glass and steel that harmonize with the surrounding environment.

The departure station of Pontal d’Entrèves is an imposing, aerodynamic-looking structure with large parking lots. Inside are information booths, bars, an infirmary, and ticket offices, in addition to the technicians who look after the powerful engines that drive the cable cars.

Intermediate station: Pavillon

The intermediate station, the Pavillon du Mont Fréty, offers a panoramic view on the opposing sides of the Val Veny and Val Ferret, enhanced by the large glass surfaces of the buildings. On the outside, there is a botanical garden, several routes to get close to nature, a solarium and a playground area Skyway for kids; on the inside, there are two restaurants, a bar, a 150-seat meeting/ events/cinema room, a Mont Blanc crystals exhibit, a small shopping center, and a winery. The old station has been converted into a museum area.

Mont Blanc Infinity Room
At the Pavillon station you can experience the thrill of entering a glacial cave, flying over the summit of Mont Blanc or losing yourself in wonder in an autumn forest thanks to the
Mont Blanc Infinity Room, a small technological refuge where splendid images make you live the dream of the mountains for 9 minutes of immersive experience. You can purchase the ticket online together with the one for the cable car.

Final station: Punta Helbronner

The last station is Punta Helbronner; it is shaped like a crystal and soars upwards with cantilever terraces.

The main attraction is here: a circular scenic terrace 14 meters in diameter with a unique all around view over most of the highest peaks of the Western Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, the Gran Paradiso and the Grand Combin. Inside, a crystal exhibition hall, a self service restaurant, a bar, and multimedia information points. Numerous multimedia screens located in all the stations inform tourists about the history of the place. Even with bad weather, coming here will not be a missed chance, but a rewarding visit and unforgettable experience where breathing “thin air” will not be the only memory.
A vertical well, excavated in the heart of Punta Helbronner, hosts safety staircases and elevators that connect with the pedestrian tunnel leading to the Torino mountain hut, since there is no stop near the mountain hut.

Once on the top, during the summer, do not miss the Panoramic Mont Blanc gondola lift ride over the Glacier du Géant to the french station Aiguille du Midi (3777 m).

The entire structure is accessible to people with disabilities and strollers with the exception of the second terrace of Punta Helbronner as access is only possible via a ladder. In the cabin there are places reserved for wheelchairs while you will be asked to fold the stroller in order to take up as little space as possible in the cabin.
The Torino refuge has an accessible room.

Skyway Monte Bianco ID and numbers:

  • Total climb: about 2,200 metres. Departure station: 1300 m; Punta Helbronner Station: 3,462; altitude of Glaciers scenic terrace at Punta Helbronner: 3,466 m
  • Climbing time: Pontal d’Entrèves - Pavillon du Mont Fréty: about 4 minutes; Pavillon du Mont Fréty - Punta Helbronner: about 5 minutes
  • Hourly capacity: first section 800 people, second section 600

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Skyway Monte Bianco
Strada Statale 26, 48 - Entrèves

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