Chestnuts from the Aosta Valley

Delicious sign of Autumn and produce with a 'sweet' tradition

The chestnuts produced in the Aosta Valley, small in size but of great quality, are incredibly tasty and have always played a very important role in local gastronomy.

Primary ingredient for the preparation of many specialties, chestnuts are traditionally combined with famous typical cured meats, usually mocetta and Arnad D.O.P. lard. but also served in soups.

They are also very popular as desserts: in jam, glazed, in honey syrup and accompanied by whipped cream or chocolate.

This tasty autumn fruit is found above all in the area between Châtillon and Pont-Saint-Martin and at the entrance to the Lys Valley, where 80% of the region's chestnut groves are concentrated. Chestnuts are often dried to then be consumed throughout the year.


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