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Guests of nature

The first spring trip to the country, an August holiday barbecue with friends and roasted chestnuts in Autumn. Where can I find all this? Choice is never simple, yet if you choose Valle d'Aosta your biggest problem is you'll be spoilt for choice.

The Valdostane mountains have over thirty, equipped picnic areas located all around the territory. These areas are created in total harmony with nature in the picturesque, age-old woods in Valle d’Aosta.

The areas offer services, water, parking, barbecue wood and grills that are managed and maintained in an impeccable manner, like you've never seen before.

Many of these areas offer access to the disabled and some areas are a paid service to guarantee maximum quality. The areas cover considerable space that allow guests to peacefully live side by side; Lovers of food can cook and enjoy their lunch in complete safety without running any risk of starting careless fires outside these areas and children can play surrounded by greenery .

Let's never forget we are only guests of nature, so pay attention not to leave waste behind and respect the environment to find it just as clean the following Sunday.

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