New emotions for expert and amateur horse-riders: trekking on horseback

“…The world will end the day no new horse-riders are born…”

Michelet's prediction is perhaps a bit catastrophic, but certainly trekking on horseback has now become a very widespread activity that is constantly increasing in popularity, therefore far from… apocalyptic predictions.

For centuries riding a horse was not so much a hobby, but rather a means of transport; most of the time the horses galloped and as we recall from Westerns, the old stage coaches swept away the sand in the “desert” at high speed. Today equestrian tourism also offers the pleasure of going easy.

A day spent riding a horse corresponds, on average, to a half hour to forty minutesdriving, andtaking it easy allows you to further appreciate the surroundings and every detail: travelling on horseback therefore becomes one of the best ways of experiencing nature without disturbing it.

There are numerous, specialist equestrian centres available in Aosta Valley.


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Professionals authorised to operate throughout Valle d’Aosta. In some cases the main area of operation has been specified Daniela Avetrani


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