“Walking” on water that descends the streams: a new challenge

Canyoning is a part water, part mountain sport that consists of following a descent on the small mountain streams, which are often enclosed between high, rocky walls, and overcoming obstacles on your way using specific techniques: small waterfalls, “the giants' containers” dug by the water into the rock, chutes (natural slides created by erosion) and jumps.

Sporting activities practiced using a diving suit, helmet and harness and with the assistance of a professional, mountain guide who accesses the best route to follow and teaches the best techniques to proceed in absolute calm. Diving into an emerald green water well or descending a foaming waterfall are truly emotional experiences, which enable close contact with nature and the exploration of uncontaminated areas.

Aosta Valley offers different itineraries for this activity and despite the fact no particular training or mountaineering skills are required, we recommend you consult the mountain professionals.

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Indipendent professional alpine guides

Alpine guides  -  The entire Valle d'Aosta

Roberto Bonin
Ph. 0165 257378 -Mob. 347.9638346
Spoken languages: Italian, French, English

Gianni Carbone
Port. 347.4350182…


Aosta alpine guides Association

Alpine guides  -  Aosta

Other than cultural and historical itineraries of great interest, Aosta city is an optimum starting point for fantastic trips in the surrounding mountains. In winter, a two-seater cable-car leavin…


Peakshunter Mountain Guides

Alpine guides  -  Aosta

Peakshunter is an association of alpine mountain guides.

Spoken languages: Italian, French, English.
Main areas of operation: all Aosta Valley, Monte Bianco, Gran Paradiso, Cervino, Mont…

"Compagnie des Guides de Arnad- Vallée d'Aoste" Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Arnad

The last association to be founded, a member of the Unione Valdostana Guide di Alta Montagna.
The aim of “Compagnie” is to offer classic high-mountain tours, Ice, Climbing, High-mountain an…


Cervino Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Breuil-Cervinia

Since July 1865, when Monte Cervino was claimed by Jean Antoine Carrel, Jean Baptiste Bich, Jean Augustin Meynet and Amé Gorret, the Cervino guides offer their experience from the Alps and othe…

As wild as you a.s.d

Alpine guides  -  Champoluc/Ayas/Antagnod

Champoluc - Ayas Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Champoluc/Ayas/Antagnod

From Antagnod, the capital of the high valley in one of the most beautiful and bright locations in the entire Aosta Valley, your eyes travel along the long sparkling mountain chain overlooked b…

Cogne alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Cogne

The Gran Paradiso park and mountain, the first of Italy’s “four thousanders”, have long since been popular with visitors and mountaineers, but it is only in the last few years that enthusiasts fro…

Courmayeur Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Courmayeur

The Courmayeur Alpine guides association, free Alpine guides association, was founded in 1850 as a non-operant company and the second guides association to be founded in the world.

At th…

Gressoney - Monte Rosa guides association

Alpine guides  -  Gressoney-La-Trinité

The Guide di Gressoney Society was created in 1963.
It owns the Città di Mantova Mountain Hut that is located at 3.498 metres on the Monte Rosa Glacier at Garstelet and it is the point to start some…


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