Barbecued Jambon of Saint-Oyen

Wood fire, beer and aromas for a unique ham

The barbecued Jambon of Saint-Oyen in the valley of Gran San Bernardo comes from the selection of fresh thighs of the highest quality and the preparation of a brine composed of salt, aromas and honey that with its floral peculiarity makes this product unique.

Finally, the cooking, first steaming for 24 hours and then above the braziers, together with the watering of local craft beer (gluten-free), turns the Jambon into a cooked ham of the highest quality.

The barbecued ham of Saint-Oyen is a traditional agricultural food product (PAT), the production of which must take place exclusively in the municipality in the Aosta Valley which gives it its name and in accordance with the rigid instructions imposed by the law.

The barbecued ham of Saint-Oyen can be enjoyed as an appetizer, cut into thin slices, or as a main course, cut into thick slices and served hot. Both versions enhance the different and exceptional peculiarities of aromas and flavor.

The festival held every year in Saint-Oyen, in the Prenoud area, in the first weekend of August is dedicated to this particular ham.


Prosciuttificio Gran San Bernardo

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