Au Bourg Restaurant


  • Cuisine:
    • Classic
    • Valle d'Aosta style
  • Timetable:
    10:00 - 15:30
    19:30 - 22:30

    Closing days: Monday evening and Tuesday all day.

  • Periodo apertura:
    from 01/01 to 31/12
  • Address:
    Fraz. Le Bourg, 71
    11020 MONTJOVET (AO)
  • Telephone:
    (+39) 0166 79452
  • Fax:
    (+39) 0166 79452
  • E-mail:
  • Covers:
    60 Seats outside: 60

The Au Bourg restaurant, located inside a 16th century house in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Val d’Aosta, has two fine dining rooms where you can sample the finest local wines and traditional cuisine. Au Bourg is an authentic holiday experience that distils the whole of the essence of the Val d’Aosta into a single setting.
Inside, visitors can admire displays of work by local craftsmen and artists, or take a look at the small shop selling typical local products.
Au Bourg also has a conference hall.


Mashrooms salad
“Seriola” Flan with Toma (cheese of the alpine pastures)
Rice with “Torrette” wine and sausage
Grilled meat from Piedmont
Mousse with gianduja and “baban” with Genepy

Wine labels

Les Crêtes (VDA)
Anselmet (VDA)
Braida di Giacomo Bologna.
Dante Rivetti.
Michele Chiarlo
Teo Costa

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