TAEMA Winery

The winery was born out of the dream of bringing the noises, smells and emotions deriving from the transformation of an agricultural production back to the centre of the city of Aosta, within the historic premises of the ancient Mulino della Ressaz.
The great-grandparents Tanteun and Marietta, with their life’s work and their stubbornness, gave their great grandchildren the opportunity to take their first steps in the great and wonderful world of wine.
Tanteun bequeathed the space in which the winery is located, where with foresight he kept the old mill hidden and protected; Marietta passed on her passion for wine and vine cultivation, making her grandson Emiro promise to replant his vineyard in Champagnole, where it all started.
Since 2012, the creators of the company Federico and Alessandra have been cultivating two hectares of old vineyards and transforming the grapes into 10.000 bottles of white and red D.O.C. (Controlled Denomination of Origin).

The products
White DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines: La Tocca, Vallée d’Aoste Muscat Petit grain, Valle d’Aosta Pinot gris “Bizelle”
Red DOC wines: Lo Toque, Valle d’Aosta Pinot noir “R.E.M.”, Valle d’Aosta Pinot noir “R.E.M. X”, Valle d’Aosta Rouge “Farouche”, Valle d’Aosta Rouge “Boheme”

There is a sales point open upon appointment.

The visit
The winery, located in the historic premises of the old Ressaz Mill, can be visited all year round, by reservation, and during the visit it is possible to taste the products.
There is no minimum number of people required, large groups can be split into smaller groups if necessary.

Languages spoken: Italian, French, English and Portuguese.

How to get there
The company is located in a courtyard of the 1700s, opposite the central bus station of Aosta; it can therefore be reached by public transports, by car or on foot.


Via Vevey, 23
11100 AOSTA (AO)

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