Fontainemore - Col de Gragliasca


  • Difficulties:
    E - Excursionist
  • Best period:
    from 01/06 to 30/09
  • Departure:
    Capoluogo (785 m)
  • Arrival:
    Col de Gragliasca (2206 m)
  • Difference in level:
    1.421 m
  • length:
    8.011 m
  • Ascent:
  • Trail sign:
    2 - 2A
  • GPS tracks:
    GPX , KML

Description of the route

Leave Pillaz, in the municipality of Fontainemore, following signpost 2, then take the inter-estate road which leads through the woods to the Vargno valley.
The road continues in a straight line along the wooded slope alongside the Pacoulla stream. After a few bends, the path stops climbing and you cross a bridge to reach the more gentle meadowland below the Mattà pasture (1677 m). After signpost 2A, the trail continues flat for about fifty metres but starts to climb in the woods after the cabins. You soon come to the pasture of Grangeas where you can get fresh water. After this point, you go through a series of small valleys until you come to a fork that leads to the pasture of Pere Bionche Deseut, which is still in use. With the cabins on the left, continue for about three quarters of an hour until you come to some ruins, where you take the path on the right leading to Col Gragliasca, after a few bends. From here you can reach Lac Torretta (Lé de Fournoil) and Col Marmontana.

Near Mattà, you go into the steep wood of larch trees and Swiss pines mixed with various broad-leaf species: birches, quaking aspen, sorbus, laburnum and green alder. The wood comes to an end at the pasture of Grangéas, with the typical nitrophilous vegetation including alpine rhubarb, nettle and wild spinach. Just beyond this point you come to a peat bog near a cliff pasture, where you should move cautiously in order not to disturb the delicate carpet of musk and moss. Near the hill, among the mountain rocks you can see edelweiss, alpine aster and mountain avens, as well as a few sightings of the alpine azalea.


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