Barbecued Jambon of Saint-Oyen

Wood fire, wine and aromas for a unique ham

The barbecued Jambon of Saint-Oyen is a cooked ham, slightly smoked, sprinkled with a mixture of aromatic herbs and slowly browned on the spit above large braziers fired by wood of fir, larch, Scotch pine, alder or ash, from the High Valley of Gran San Bernardo.

During the long cooking above the braziers, fundamental for obtaining the characteristic golden color of the rind, the ham is bathed continuously with wine and aromas.

The barbecued ham of Saint-Oyen is a traditional agricultural food product (decree of the 10th of July 2006, published in the Official Gazetteer), the production of which must take place exclusively in the town in Val d'Aosta which gives it its name and in accordance with the rigid instructions imposed by the law.

To improve and enhance the characteristics of its taste and make the product lighter, we suggest to warm it up for a few seconds and serve it together with boiled potatoes or green beans.

The Pro loco (Local association) dedicates a festival to this special ham, held every year in Prenoud on the first Sunday of August.


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