The Boudin

A refined taste made into sausages with natural casings

The 'boudin' is one of the great classics of the traditional gastronomy of Val d'Aosta and is still to the present day prepared closely following ancient recipes inherited from generation to generation.

This particular sausage is produced with boiled potatoes, hand peeled and left to cool, to which the following is added: lard cubes, beetroot (excellent natural preservative), spices, natural aromas, wine and beef or pork blood. The mixture is made into sausages within thin natural casings, hand tied and hung to dry for a couple of weeks.

Considered at one time a food of the poor, today it is one of the most characteristic foods on the tables of Val d'Aosta. Served as a cold entrée, or boiled together with red mountain potatoes; alternatively, if cooked in the oven for about 15 minutes, when still fresh, is considered a true delicacy also for the most refined palate.


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