The Motzetta

A pleasant entrée: dried, tender, tasty and aromatic meat

The motzetta, dried meat of beef, chamois, deer or boar, originates from the ancient necessity to preserve the meat for a long time, to meet the needs of the family during wintertime. At first, to look at it seems tough and hard, but in the mouth it becomes tender and tasty.

Prepared with whole raw cuts, compact and with little fat, it is left to steep together with aromatic mountain herbs, salt, spices and other natural aromas; it is left in this way for about twenty days, entirely covered by pickle and pressed by a weight on the lid of the container.

Subsequently the seasoning is carried out by hanging the meat portions in fresh and well ventilated rooms, for a period varying between one and three months, depending on the size of the product.

The motzetta is served as an entrée, cut into thin slices and accompanied by a typical local rye bread.


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