The Saouseusse

Cured and seasoned mince meat... it must not be missing from the serving tray

The Val d'Aosta saouseusse originates from the need to use and preserve all meat cuts, even those less valuable. These tasty traditional sausages are very much prized and sought after today, especially during the winter season.

Prepared with mince meat of 'Val d'Aosta'-breed beef and pork lard, the saouseusse are spiced with salt, pepper, garlic, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

All the phases of preparation follow precise customs, handed down for generations. Their seasoning, which can take over 40 days, is carried out in fresh and well ventilated rooms. At one time, glass jars filled to the top with lard were used for preserving the saouseusse.

Ideal as an entrée, they must not be missing from the serving trays of mixed Val d'Aosta cured meats, to make snacks with friends more appetizing, maybe accompanied by fruity local red wines.


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