The Génépy

From the sap of mugwort, a digestive, fragrant and characteristic liqueur.

In Valle d’Aosta the production of mountain herb distillates recalls ancient traditions. The Alpine herbs which blossom at high altitudes and are known for their therapeutic properties include peculiar essencessuch as artemisia glacialis and artemisia weber, base ingredients of génépy, the well-known liqueur of Valle d'Aosta.

Its chromatic aspect - greenish yellow, the fragrance of balsam and the full and slightly bitter taste all stem from the characteristics of these herbs, collected sparingly on the moraines of glaciers (over 2000 m of altitude), later to be selected and dried with meticulous care. This valued “elisir” is obtained by soaking the best part ofthe dried herbsin alcoho l for several days.

Génépy has a unique taste, typically Alpine, and, when sippedat the end of a meal, is an excellent digestive liqueur.


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