Château Feuillet Winery

The company, founded in 1997, now produces 10 DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines and is on the market with 35.000 bottles.
The Château Feuillet wine-producers’ co-operative draws its origins from a winemaking tradition based on the production of wine for family consumption.
The renewal of the vineyards and the expansion of the company mean that we go from 5.000 m² to 25.000 m² of planted vineyards.
The cellar for the process of transformation, located on the Château Feuillet property, was expanded in 2015, with large spaces for processing and cutting-edge technology.
A new tasting room is ready to welcome you in all the warmth of the hospitality of the Valle d’Aosta vignerons.

The products
White DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines: White Moscato DOP, DOP Chardonnay, DOP Petite Arvine, DOP Gewurztraminer
Red DOP wines: DOP Fumin, DOP Pinot Nero, DOP Syrah, DOP Torrette Superieur, DOP Torrette, DOP Cornalin
Other products: Jaline (Moscato and Arvine), straw wine, classic method (Chardonnay and Arvine) 24 months

Sales point open all day, every day directly in the winery.

The visit
The company can be visited every day with at least 1 day’s notice.
Winery and vineyards can be visited. It is also possible to have tastings.
Tasting cost per person: normally the tasting has a cost of 15 euros per person, the cost maychange according to purchases; the tasting includes tastings of typical products
Number of visitors required for a visit visit: max 25 people
Languages spoken: Italian, French and English

How to get there
Aosta Ovest exit (towards Monte Bianco), take the direction towards Courmayeur, 2 km from Saint Pierre leaving the village.


Loc. Château Feuillet, 12

Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley


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