The Teuteun

Corned cow udder, combines well with sauces and jams

The teuteun is an exclusive specialty of Val d'Aosta, obtained by corning local cow udders, which after being cut in different points are carefully pressed to allow any possible residual milk to flow out.

The preparation is then carried out, alternating layers of teteun inside special containers with sage and bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, spices and salt. After about fifteen days of soaking, needed to produce the pickle, the udders are cooked in a bain-marie using special moulds.

Usually seasoned with a sauce of parsley, oil and garlic, this food combines well with fig and raspberry jam, sultanas or martin sec pears in syrup.

The 'teuteun' is a product which became renowned in the town of Gignod at the beginning of the '70s, but its historical roots go deep into the centuries. At present it is the main feature of the festival bearing the same name, which is held every year around mid-August.


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