Other varieties of apples

Tasty and healthy packages of sweetness

The virtues of the apple have been known for centuries assuring us sound nutritional value, indeed our wise elderly ones have always said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. These sweet colorful balls from Val d'Aostaenwrap intense taste and produce extremely vivid colors, due to the high variation in temperature between day and night in the period that precedes their harvest.

A typical example is the Red delicious, an apple with an intense red color, very sweet, the 'starking' variety being well-known and highly valued. Another great example of the local production is the Jonagold, with its characteristic sweet and sour taste deriving from the crossbreed of two different varieties, the 'golden' and the 'jonathan', which create a mixed color: a yellow background with red streaks. Its flesh is very crunchy and particularly juicy.

The apple, a food appropriate for any person of any age, whether they be in good health or unwell, can be consumed either raw or cooked, as well as in the form of juices, milkshakes and sweet or salty jams accompanying delicious dishes.


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