Donnas DOC

Close to Barolo, a dry and velvety wine, excellent with meat and cheese

Vallée d’Aoste Donnas DOC is an important wine, so much so it was defined “the mountain equivalent of Barolo”. Its production uses Nebbiolo grapes, locally called Picotendro (min. 85%), Freisa and Neyret, harvested in the Donnas, Perloz, Pont-Saint-Martin and Bard vineyards. With a dry, velvety and harmonious taste and a refined aftertaste with a lingering tannic note: characteristics that go down well with chamois meat and all game, but also cheese with a long maturation period.

Donnas is a full-bodied wine (12.5°-13.5°), which should be served at a temperature of 20°-22°, opening the bottle before serving and leaving it in warm surroundings. Certain vintages should be left to breath or require the use of a decanter.

It should be noted that Donnas was the first Valdostane wine to obtain the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) mark.


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Tourist Areas

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